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Winnakee Land Trust Support (June 2021)

Northern Dutchess Beekeepers Club is a proud sponsor of the 2021 Winnakee Land Trust fundraising gala.

As an accredited land trust, "Winnakee protects and stewards Hudson Valley’s forests, farmland and natural habitats and water resources from development. The Land Trust aims to ensure that our communities have access to and enjoy the natural beauty and bounty of our region, now and for generations to come".

The work that Winnakee performs supports our work as beekeepers and the well-being of all pollinators in our area.

Thank you to Adrienne Lavalle, Denise Bolte, and the Stafford family for their honey contributions.

Also, special thanks to Hudson Valley Bee Supply for their generous donations of four cases of 2-ounce jars and honey to fill 96 of them.

Bee Yard Tours (June 2021)

Thank you to Michael, Adrienne, and Ryan for hosting this wonderful learning experience and to all who participated!